Kingdom of Light is an enormous music library for developers of RPG, adventure & high-fantasy games, and epic films. Up to 3 hours of music covering epic battles, skirmishes, taverns, exploration music, mystical, capitals, and much more! Created for an all-in-one solution with a cohesive cinematic aural experience. Multiple editions and modules available to fit various budgets and needs.

Dark Orchestra brings the power of a dramatic full string orchestra right to your project. Heroism, villainy, visceral tension, drama, adventure, and mystery are all present in this boutique sound package. These are not light and cheery pieces. This music is dark, heavy, potent, and custom designed to add gravity and intrigue to the stories you tell. 

"ASD Humanoid & Insectoid sFx' places over 100 SFX cue in your hands from humanoid, insectoid, and general sci-fi sounds. On par with our other great sounding ASD libraries, this package ranges from weapons to machinery, a great library to enhance your sci-fi games. As a bonus, 2 brand new songs have been lincluded broken into loopable sections!

Shadow Kingom extends the sound of the Kingdom of Light by bringing music from various races. From 2-headed giants to orcs, this is a great sounding music library at a great price!

Cinematic Fantasy delivers cinematic music to your games that need a mystical or fantasy soundtrack. Thematic in nature and exquisite attention to detail are the hallmarks of Cinematic Fantasy Master Collection.

Titan brings together Atmospheric Sound Design,  Atmospheric Sound Design v2,  Atmospheric Sound Design Sci-Fi and all new fresh content! Over 40 audio cues ranging from human and alien space ships to ambient sound tracks and celestial bodies. An amazing music library at a great price!

Piano Improv is a solo piano music library suitable for documentaries and  mutlimedia that needs an open sound with a touch of elegance. 

Rockstars brings together over 20 songs to select for your characters, menu music or game play. With a huge variety of styles, this bring personality to your characters! All cues are looped for seamless soundtracks.

Atmospheric Sound Design is the first ASD package release with incredible ambient soundtracks perfect for sci-fi, menu music, dungeons, dark scenes in first person shooters, or suspense sequences.

ASD v2 extends the palette of moods of ASD from mystical-serenity to dark-tension. A great addition to the ASD music library!

ASD Sci-Fi brings something fresh to the table with exotic engine sounds of alien races and human ships, celestial bodies and ambient cues. High quality tracks ready to plug into your sci-fi games!

For games with huge battles scenes, Epic Battles Cinematic Soundtracks brings the music. Ripping guitars, blasting horns and huge drums makes this music library an excellent addition to battle scenes!

Mammoth Drums is exactly what the name implies. Huge drum loops derived from the Epic Battles Cinematic Soundtracks, these loops are great for epic battles and close combat.

These fun, upbeat tunes are perfect for side-scrollers menu music and game play music. Each song has 3 different tempos to help fit into your game perfectly. 8-bit vibe with a modern touch!

Audio Touch brings the feedback needed in todays modern apps and games. A large variety of styles have been categorized for easy selection. We've also included transition cues for screen switching or other uses to help smooth out visual transitions.

Symphony of Suspense bring a touch of classic Hollywood suspense to your games! Created for film, TV and games, this music library includes stingers swells and loops.

Haunted Nature is a great bargain product for those needing ambient nature sounds with an eerie backdrop. Includes basic ambient cues and layered music!

'Bargain Zone!' is a collection of cues compiled in library at ultra-affordable prices. Cues range in style from cinematic, pop, suspense to side-scrollers. A fantastic set of libraries for those who need to pick up extra cues at an unbelievable price!